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Texas Tuff

Texas Tuff Cotton Wick

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Texas Tuff Cotton: This is a superb blend of two cottons that are grown in Texas and it really is the closest thing you will get to vaping raw cotton. With a mixture of two different strains of cotton, one which has been chosen for its ultra heat resilience and the other selected for its long hollow fibers to help absorb and hold your juice in for much longer than normal cottons do. More hits per drip and huge cloud production too!! If you are serious about your coil builds. This really is a must have cotton!!

This product is a 100% percent chemical free and is at a competition level. Truly one of the fluffiest and most absorbent cottons you can get your hands on, it's also great to work with and has a zero cotton tasting wick Bar None. Just remember this is not another pansy ass cotton ball, its Texas Tuff, remember the Alimo!! 

Texas Tuff Cotton is on offer at £5.95 Plus we also offer Free Delivery on any orders placed for £20 or over!! This offer really is too good to miss, so why not treat yourself to a little something extra and get this outstanding cotton delivered to you for free!!