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++Blue Riddler ++

Lucky 13 E Liquid | Lucky 13 Blue Riddler 50ml

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Lucky 13 E Liquid

The Luck 13 E-liquids have been characterized with
intense hard-hitting flavours which are as colourful as
their branding. This sensational display has stolen the
show and gone down a storm with the entire vaping



Lucky 13 Blue Riddler 50ml

This is a beautifully balanced E-liquid and Lucky 13
have captured the character perfectly. It's Utopia of
quintessential blueberry and vanilla custard flavour
will leave you breathless and is guaranteed to give
your taste-buds the best flavour experience they

have ever had!!

Take advantage this great offer and save money on
the cost of shipping by treating yourself to a couple

of these sensational Lucky 13 shortfills today!!


10ml Nicotine Shot 18mg

Result - 60ml - 3mg - 70vg - 30pg

The 50ml Lucky 13 Shortfills are nicotine free. If you
have selected the Nic-shot option from the drop drop
shake together vigorously to ensure you that you get

a thorough and even mix!!


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they place an order. There are also many other ways
for members to gain more rewards and build up their

tally. They can accumulate as many as they like! too!

The rewards are a form of money which can be spent
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Nicotine and Safety

The E-Liquids which contain Nicotine are known to
be Harmful" Therefore you have a responsibility and
are duty bound to keep them always out of the sight
and reach of children. The toxicity levels of nicotine
in its liquid form are poisonous. Toxicology Experts
have stated that exposure to even small doses of it

can potentially seriously damage your health!!

The human body absorbs Nicotine in its liquid form
very easily and is sensitive to its toxic effects. It can
cause an uncomfortable sense of nausea and a rash
to appear on your skin from its irritation, Should you
have any cause for concern after working with liquid
Nicotine based products you must seek out medical

advice immediately!!


Vape Responsibly

The age verification programme we have in place
prevents direct entry to our online store. You must
state that you are at least eighteen years old before
the app grants you access to our online store. This
safeguard is to stop children from obtaining any of

the vape products we sell on our website!!

If you have entered false information about your age
or purchase our products on the behalf of a juvenile
this app also safeguards us. The Vapoury cannot be
held liable for any injuries or damage which result by

your actions to gain them under false preteens!!


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