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Anachist Wire

Anarchist Competition Wire

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Introducing the awesome Anarchist Competition Wire. This has to be the perfect choice for all of you who are into your sub ohm coil builds. Anarchist Competition Wire is a specially formulated nichrome based wire, which causes a far lower resistance per length compared to any of the kanthal wire types!!

Anarchist Competition Wire is able to do this with its impressive ultra low electrical resistance. Also by using this very unique wire you will be heating up your coil noticeably faster These quality's combined will enable you to reach all of your cloud chasing desires!!  

Please Note: Only purchase this if you are familiar with lithium-ion battery safety and you already have experience using low resistance wires. 

Anarchist Competition Wire comes in a 15ft length and is available in either 24 or 22 gauge.

Anarchist Competition Wire: On offer at £14.95 Plus we also offer Free Delivery on any orders placed for £20 or over!! This offer really is too good to miss out on. So why not treat yourself to a little something extra and get this outstanding wire delivered to you for free!!

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